Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tokyo DisneySea's Fantasmic!

Quite often the Japanese version of Disney rides and attractions are a "one up" from the American versions, a tradition that has created a magnificent set of experiences at the Tokyo Disney theme parks.  After just reopening from being closed for weeks due to the earthquake and following tsunami, DisneySea has continued this tradition with their own version of Fantasmic.

The show is in a generic sense the same as its American counterparts - though at the same time distinctly different.  The show features familiar music, with new tracks intertwined as well.  The characters and movies included are not the same, and include some more recent options.  There is however still one big, angry dragon for Mickey to deal with!

Possibly the biggest change is that the show can be viewed from 360 degrees as it takes place on the park's Mediterranean Harbor.  The show uses one main LED covered structure which at times takes the shape for Sorcerer Mickey's hat, and include fountains on it along with plenty of firepower.  Three dimensional spheres are used to provide animated clips instead of water screens - again due to the nature of the show's seating.  There's plenty of other differences, but you can watch to find those!

Though the show just debuted yesterday, there's already a nice video of it on YouTube.  Check out Part 1 and then Part 2.