Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rejected Amusements: Nightwing at Six Flags New England and Chicken Express at High Hopes Orchard

Opened in 2000, Six Flags New England's Nightwing was the only Huss Fly Away ride installed in the US. Riders sat in gondolas that gave the impression of flight with a ride system similar to an Enterprise.

Nightwing was named after the fictional character of the same name from the DC Comics Batman franchise. This was the only ride ever named after the character.

In 2008, the ride was removed. Frequent downtime and expensive repairs prevented the ride from operating consistently. Today, a Chance Wipeout named Joker's Wildcard is in it's place; the ride being an enclosed ride that opened the same year, but removed in 2005 due to not complying with fire code regulations.

Chicken Express was an Allan Herschell Little Dipper coaster at High Hopes Orchard. The ride dates back to the 50's, when it originally operated at Bayville Amusements in New York. Chicken Express had seen a big refurbishment before it opened in 2002, along with a small collection of other kiddie and family rides.

Chicken Express ride only operated between August to October. By the end of 2005, the ride was dismantled and sold along with the rest of the amusements. High Hopes Orchard continues to operate today, without rides.