Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planners Tell Orlando Theme Park No Thanks

The proposed Orlando Thrill Park, which planned to offer 15 different large thrill rides and roller coasters, was denied the zoning change they needed in order to proceed with the project.

The zoning board voted 9-0 against the proposed park, mostly citing the park's location close to a residential neighborhood (seen on the left in the above art) as their big concern.  The developers have 5 days to appeal the decision.

The park would consist of a set of some of the latest and greatest in the industry, including what looks like a copy of Kingda Ka, and a 4th Dimension coaster a la X:2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.   Some exotic flat rides and a huge shoot-the-chutes can also be seen on the drawing.

Developers said the 78 acres park could attract 1.8 million guests a year and employ up to a thousand people.