Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Parks Prepare for Big Seasons

Smaller parks around the country are gearing up to debut some exciting additions for the 2011 season. Construction is well underway for Alabama Adventure's new Buzzsaw Falls chute-the-chutes from SkyTrans Manufacturing. Buzzsaw Falls joins the Wild River Gorge rapids ride and the Woodchuck Run log flume to help round out the traditional water ride trio! For some recent construction shots, click here.

Canobie Lake Park's new-for-2011 roller coaster, Untamed, is slated to open by mid-June. This Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter model will be highly themed, with ornately decorated ride vehicles and queue areas, pictured above. Check out the park's Facebook photo page here.

Seven years ago, the original Miracle Strip Amusement Park shut its doors, truly saddening the amusement industry. But for 2011, the newly reopened park is welcoming 3 new attractions to join its modest yet thoughtful collection. A restored 1975 Eli Bridge Scrambler and 1991 Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl are being reassembled on property, and the park will also debut a brand-new Butterfly Pavilion with over 500 butterflies dancing around. Read the full story here.

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of visiting a butterfly conservatory in Key West recently, and I haven't felt that much joy in a long time! This seems like the perfect addition to a park with such a special story of rebirth.