Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Rewind 4.23.11

Vekoma's new family Boomerang coaster, named Ben 10 Ultimate Mission at Drayton Manor, has now opened to guests. Looks like a zippy little ride - I wonder if more of these will start showing up?

Q Investments has now said that they have no confidence in Cedar Fair being able to choose a successor for Dick Kinzel.  The firm says they heard that the company has considered Mark Shapiro, former Six Flags CEO, for the title - and they hate that.  Would it really be so bad, I wonder?

Disney Parks has shared a video that shows off some of the tricks the ghosts are now capable of in the finale to the Haunted Mansion.  I'd love them them to take my head off! 

Landry's is still moving forward with their plan for an amusement pier in Galveston, Texas.  This article includes some concept art and mentions a double-decker Carousel and Ferris Wheel among other rides.

Kings Island is opening for the year with two gigantic new attractions, but the press would still rather talk about Son of Beast.  Sigh - never mind that 300 foot thrill ride or the enormous forest of dinosaurs!

Six Flags America is now open for the season, with plenty of changes to be seen in the park.  For one, the only one-year-old Thomas Town has been completely rethemed.  Check out a photo report here.

Cedar Point is readying Ocean Motion for its new home in the park, and adding some surprising theming along the way!  Check out the park's blog for details.

It is pretty crazy what people can make out of LEGO bricks.  Orlando Attractions was at the opening of the redesigned LEGO Store at Downtown Disney this past week, and has video and photos of many impressive displays.

The Wooden Warrior at Quassy Amsuement Park is opening today!  The new family sized wooden coaster looks to pack quite a punch. 

The Green Lantern: First Flight at Six Flags Magic Mountain is slowly starting to take shape at the park.  Looks like a maze of supports at this point!

Brazil is coming to Epcot's World Showcase?  It's a rumor, but interesting anyway.  Inside The Magic reported on a story in the Brazil press that makes it sound like it could happen.  Many World Showcase pavilions have been planned, then scrapped in the past, though.

I love amusement park anniversaries, it just another sign of all the history that goes into these parks!  Six Flags St. Louis is celebrating 40 years in 2011.  This story takes a look at the park's past, and also shares a great photo gallery.

Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa is testing at what looks like a speed somewhat close to the final one.  There's some video on YouTube of exactly this.

The Steel Coaster Poll is now open for votes!  Well, it actually has been for a while now.  Ballots are accepted until May 5th - make sure to gets yours in!

Even in the middle of nowhere, a neighbor will still complain about a park possibly expanding.  Silverwood wants to change the zoning on its adjacent property to commercial, to allow for possible future expansion.  I say go Silverwood!