Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ride Institute's Next Step

... is a full website!  The Ride Institute of Technology has launched a full website that you can poke around at.  The RIT, as they are known, popped up last Fall when Hersheypark began to tease us about their new ride for 2012.

Browsing the site doesn't give us much to go on at this point, other than speculation, of course.  The group's research fields are listed as Propulsion Dynamics, Gravity Manipulation, Materials & Design, and Interdisciplinary Studies.  A report of each of these studies is listed for release in the coming weeks, with the first available on 4/25.  I'm sure we'll see a lot more clues about Hershey's next big ride in the studies.

I'm also quite interested to know what is a valid term for use in the "Search RIT" box - I'm sure there's something hidden there, too!

Hersheypark certainly known how to keep us fans interested in what they are up to!