Saturday, April 9, 2011

Introducing The Shanghai Disney Resort

Yesterday also marked the official announcement of an entire new Disney resort, located in China. To be known as the Shanghai Disney Resort, the project will contain a Magic Kingdom styled theme park when it opens in 5 or so years.  The project's cost of $3.7 billion will be shared by Disney and the government of China; Disney will own 43% of the project's shares.

© 2011 Disney

The resort will feature "Shanghai Disneyland, two themed hotels, a large retail, dining and entertainment venue, recreational facilities, a lake and associated parking and transportation hubs" when it opens.  There is room for expansion from that point forward.

© 2011 Disney

Shanghai Disneyland will feature all new attractions and experiences that are tailored for the people of China.  Still, from the art we can see some familiar items, though the park looks quite different from the other Magic Kingdoms.  Above we see the main Castle, which is said to be the biggest of all the park.  In front of it - not behind - are the Dumbo and Carousel attractions mixed among gardens and green space.

The Castle looked elevated from the ground around it - leading to rumors that it's "interactivity" (as described by Disney) will include show building space underneath it for attractions.

© 2011 Disney

In fact, that green space will be replacing the Main Street land entirely.  From the press release:

  A beautiful, 11 acre (46,130 square meter) green space at the center of the theme park will 
  differentiate Shanghai Disneyland and reinforce the themes of sustainability and nature that will be
  integrated throughout the park. The space will also be a place where friends and family can enjoy
  local cultural celebrations and customs together.

Yes, no Main Street!  In the art above you can see that the entrance gates have a large plaza separating them from what is possibly the shopping district and a hotel, but after that comes the garden area with the castle.

On the right of the above art we can see a mountain structure with water in front of it - rumored to be a Pirates/Splash Mountain mix.  There's something quite interesting looking above it, but I honestly have no idea what it could be.  It's got a large show building behind the facade, though.

Behind the Castle is a mystery, too.  On the left of the art is what could perhaps be a Tomorrowland, but even that isn't clear.  Disney is purposely still being quite vague about actual park attractions.

A website for the Shanghai Disney Resort has been launched, but don't go hoping for more details!  The project looks rather interesting - I'm looking forward to reading more of the rides and attractions in the future.