Thursday, April 21, 2011

The New Texas Giant Opens Tomorrow!

The New Texas Giant, one of the most anticipated attractions of the 2011 season, will open to the public for the first time tomorrow, April 22nd. Six Flags Over Texas seems to have a sure fire hit on their hands, if you pay any attention to the early reviews.

The New Texas Giant represents the completion of a total renovation of the former Texas Giant wooden roller coaster.  The ride is now a hybrid; it features wooden supports but a steel running track.  This created the ability for designers to really go nuts with the new track - the coaster now has some of the most extreme features you'll find on a coaster anywhere.

If you don't believe me, just take a look at some of these facts, supplied by the park:
  • The steepest drop of any wooden coaster IN THE WORLD at 79 degrees.
  • The steepest bank of any wooden coaster IN THE WORLD at 115 degrees.
  • A lift hill that is ten feet taller than the original Texas Giant.
  • A top speed faster than the original Texas Giant at 65 mph.
  • Maximum height of the ride is 153 feet.
  • The drop height of the ride is 147.5 feet.
  • The lift height of the ride is 148 feet.
  • The length of the track is more than 4500 feet.
  • The world’s first Iron Horse Coaster track™©®. This rail system is made completely of steel and engineered for long term durability.
  • Three tunnels with fog and special LED effects
  • The steel, bolts and most of the wood were reused and recycled making the NEW Texas Giant an eco-friendly coaster.
Pretty impressive statistics, no?  As if anyone really needed any more convincing, check out this footage of the ride that Six Flags Over Texas released:

With early reviews of the coaster praising the unbelievable amount of airtime it gives, I'm sure this ride will be a smash hit not only with enthusiasts but also the general public.