Monday, April 4, 2011

Make A Change This April!

"Theme Park fans from across the globe are working together to support people who need a hand." That's the main message that Theme Park Change is promoting this April; a great idea with an even greater mission - help those who need it.

But why not let Neil Patrick Harris tell you more?

If you haven't heard of Project Angel, here's some information about the group:

All of the proceeds raised through this event are being donated to PROJECT ANGEL FOOD, a Los Angeles based agency which cooks and delivers 14,000 free, nutritious meals every week to men, women, and children throughout Los Angeles County struggling with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses. This much beloved, volunteer-driven nonprofit has provided more than 7 million free meals since its creation 22 years ago. Every $5 donated to Project Angel Food will fund a meal to someone affected by serious illness and hunger. 

I think this is a wonderful idea - and hopefully you guys do, too! If you need a little incentive to give something up and make a dontation, remember that sponsors have put up plenty of great prizes for contributors, as well!

Head over to Theme Park Change to get started!