Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekly Rewind 4.2.11

Grrr... that's one bear of a coaster car!  Lame pun!  Canobie Lake Park has posted a photo of one of the cars to Untamed, the park's new coaster.  Sweet.

Michigan's Adventure is quickly getting Beach Party ready for the season.  Most of the water play structure is now standing at the park - and looking good I might add.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk will kick off Spring Break with two high wire walks by Nik Wallenda on April 16th.  Read more about the event here.

These WindSeeker rides grow up so fast.  It seems like only yesterday that Canada's Wonderland's was just a hole in the ground, and now the tower is complete!

Cedar Point is looking for a V.I.F. (Very Important Family) to help them open for the season on May 14th.  Check out Facebook for details.

A park we don't often cover is Playland in Canada.  They've announced a new StarFlyer attraction for 2011 - finally giving us a good reason to mention them!

Lagoon opens for the season today, and has shared a photo of the very nicely themed trains on BomBora, their new family coaster.  Yay for surprise on-board audio!

Great Adventure History has really outdone themselves with their fantastically thorough coverage of Ultra Twister, formerly at Six Flags Great Adventure.  A story worth checking out.

We haven't forgotten about you, Zippin Pippin.  After a long winter you're looking mighty good against those blue skies.


robert said...

That ride should be a rejected amusement park ride! I remember waiting 2 hours and it was a waste of time. I waited 3 hours for free fall at Magic Mountain when I was was 15 and it was worth it (then); and (people will hate me for this) still love free fall along with my daughter til this day.