Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Rewind 4.30.11

Michigan's Adventure is now ready to party!  The park's new water play structure, named Beach Party, looks pretty complete to my eye.  Colorful, too.

WindSeeker at Kings Island wasn't ready to open this weekend, and Cedar Point's is behind schedule as well.  Both are better than Knott's, which is just a foundation at this point!

Time - that's what developer Ed Hart has received in his quest to reopen Kentucky Kingdom.  His rights on the park have been extended while he tries to secure funding to renovate and reopen the theme park.

Whitewater West has opened their first Zoo attraction, an interactive AquaPlay structure at New Orleans' Audubon Zoo.  The structure features a 28 ft. tall white alligator, complete with tipping bucket inside its mouth!

The Dania Beach Hurricane has closed, though the owner is not saying exactly why.  The wooden coaster at a Boomers opened back in 2000.

Freestyle Music Park is still closed.  That isn't much of a story at this point, but rumors keep popping up that different operators are looking at the property.  

The Zippin Pippin at Bay Beach Amusement Park is scheduled to open on May 21st.  The city had a contest for citizens to explain what the parks means to them, and the winners will be on the first train out.  Video of the coaster testing has also come online, too!

Funland Blog takes a peek at Legoland Malaysia, which is scheduled to open at the end of 2012.

Knoebels is letting fans know that the Black Diamond indoor coaster will not be ready until the middle of the summer!  I'm still anxiously awaiting this new ride!