Monday, April 11, 2011

Aerial Antics: Las Vegas

Kevin's piece on Last Vegas got me thinking that Sin City wouldn't make a bad Aerial Antics topic.  There are a few coasters operating there, though the numbers are dwindling as the years pass.

Adventuredome at Circus Circus has a coaster in it, I promise.  You just can't see the Arrow designed Canyon Blaster through all the pink glass!

New York, New York has a coaster wrap around the entire building - formerly known as Manhattan Express, the ride is now just Roller Coaster.  Creative!  The ride's true first drop plunges toward the resort's pool.

Regardless of the name, the TOGO designed ride sits atop the roof of the casino.  Visually impressive indeed; sadly the ride it gives isn't quite as impressive.  You can get married on the ride for only $700 though!

Another newly troubled ride, and covered in Kevin's article, is Speed: The Ride at the Sahara.  Set to close forever on May 16th, could this Premier ride find a new home at your local Six Flags park?

The Stratosphere tower is really tall, and really used to have a coaster on top of it.  The red swirl you can see was the High Roller.  Sure it wasn't tall or fast, but could any other ride offer such views?  The High Roller last operated in 2005 before being removed.

Not in Las Vegas proper, the Desperado at Buffalo Bill's is located in Primm, Nevada.  Just a quick drive down the highway and you'll see a massive coaster sticking out of the roof of the building.  I like to call Desperado Arrow's largest mine train ever, because that's pretty much what it is to me.  There's a steep drop, a couple of turns, and then total mine train track!  What could be better.  (you know how much I love crazy Arrow mine trains!)

To zoom around Vegas on your own, click here and start at the New York, New York.