Monday, April 11, 2011

Opening Day 2011 at Six Flags Great Adventure

There was a lot of excitement this Saturday at Six Flags Great Adventure's 2011 Opening Day. Immediately entering the parking lot, guests could not miss the radiant green track of Green Lantern. 

The lift hill juts into the parking lot and bolsters the already impressive skyline of twisted steel. It appears as if this relocated B&M stand-up coaster was originally designed for the location, as it perfectly complements its superhero neighbor, Superman. Lantern's track is complete, but work remains on the station, transfer shed, photo booth, queue, and entrance area.

Station coming soon.

Green Lantern overview.

While Green Lantern is undoubtedly the main addition for 2011, all of the opening day buzz came from the new "Safari Discoveries." Formally the Temple of the Tiger and tiger viewing area, Safari Discoveries gives guests an up-close look at small mammals, birds, and reptiles. Headlining this new area are four California Sea Lions which may eventually star in their own show. Six Flags will showcase their infant animals from the Wild Safari next door in this area.

Goodbye tigers. Hello sea lions.

Two three-month-old European Brown Bear cubs drew large crowds on Saturday.

Great Adventure made a wealth of changes this off-season. Wiggles World transformed into Safari Kids, which will offer a bird show beginning Memorial Day. The long dormant Tango (Rockin' Tug) finally thrilled families once again. Fantasy Fling (Round-up) received a red coat of paint and was rechristened Tornado. New food options appeared all over the park, ranging from the expected park fare (Famiglia Pizza) to the unexpected (grilled bananas, anyone?).

With a slew of new attractions and enhancements, Six Flags Great Adventure's 2011 season is shaping up to be a promising one.


Surya said...

I'm going to SFGA for the first time next month, and very much look forward to riding all this twisted steel :)