Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rejected Amusements: Villain at Six Flags Ohio

Debuting in 2000, the Villain was a CCI-built wooden coaster added for Six Flags Ohio's opening year. Built as a 120-foot tall hybrid coaster (steel supports with wooden coaster track). The track layout was unique, in that the coaster did not cross over itself at any time during the almost 4,000-foot long track.

The ride received retracking attention in the off-season, most notably in 2006 when the trick-track section after the second hill was removed. Each of the Villain's twelve drops received new wood over the life of the coaster.

A mid-course brake was planned, but shelved due to tight time demands. Villain would never run with three trains efficiently as a result. In 2003, the Villain lost one of it's three Gerstlauer-built trains to the nearby Raging Wolf Bobs coaster.

When Geauga Lake closed in 2007, the ride was put up for sale. Without a buyer, the ride was sold for scrap. The trains from the ride are currently at King's Island.


Willenator said...

This is one coaster I would have liked to try. I wish my family had taken the time to head to Geauga Lake in the summer of 2000. We planned a big trip to Ohio that year to visit family and head to Cedar Point. I remember driving past Geauga Lake and thinking that we should stop, so I could ride a few coasters. Sadly, we didn't have it in our budget, and I missed out completely. I never made it back to Geauga Lake before they closed it.