Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blue Sky Cellar Photos

MiceAge has a ton of photos taken at California Adventure's media day for the new Blue Sky Cellar preview center.
The new 'attraction' of sorts is packed to the gills with models, concept art, and more - all of which is previewing the changes coming to the park in the next five or so years.
There is a full model of the Paradise Pier section of the park which confirms that the Maliboomer S&S space shot attraction will be removed from the park in the future. That's just the tip of the iceberg of information now available about the park's changes, though. If the final result is anything like the art and models that can be seen, this park has a very bright future.


Reality said...

Disney's projects in the past ten years have not excited me until now. The California Adventure rehab is going to bring such a higher quality of parks to the US. Sure, it's not DisneySeas, but it's still something a lot better than we're used to from them.