Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scott And Carol Present: Indiana Beach's Monster Beach Party

Indiana Beach looked very different this fall. Instead of shuttering the rides and resting up for the season, they hosted the Monster Beach Party. For the first time in memory the park was open to the public after Labor Day. Some monsters appeared on the boardwalk and a few new decorations were set along the midways.

The park’s trees had turned colors and it was strange to see some falling leaves blowing around the guest’s feet as they walked from ride to ride. Wearing sweatshirts at the beginning of the day rather than after dark, a few attendees braved the chill by wearing shorts, but swimwear was nonexistent.

Cobwebs fluttered in the breeze to the rustle of cornstalks. The rides that could coexist with cooler temperatures were open and the crowds evidently stayed home to watch football. Almost every coaster was a walk-on, and even some rerides in the front seat were available.

A nice cemetery scene with a “Gravekeeper” who rises to greet you if you get too close. The headstones are adorned with the management team, following the lead of other parks in the past.

The Wabash Cannonball has some extra surprises as the day goes longer. Pay special attention to the coffin in the south miniature golf course. Beware of the cutting crew, they want to use their chainsaws to cut you down to size. They roam the rail bed next to the lake.

It was a beautiful brisk day with the wind coming of the lake. Taking a ride on the Shaffer Queen revealed a nice panorama of the turning colors of fall that ringed the shoreline. Summer is over, and this was one last blast at Indiana Beach before winters closure. While it is sad to see another summer gone, seeing a different view of Indiana Beach made it easier to face the upcoming snow.