Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scott And Carol Present: Diamondback Update

Kings Island is taking advantage of the relatively mild weather to speed construction of Diamondback, their new coaster for 2009. Construction appears to ahead of schedule but who knows what winter might bring. The roller coaster is slated to open with the park next spring. Here are a few shots from our visit on 10/25/2008.

No signs off topping off the lift yet, although it should be done soon. Today the workers were attaching to temporary stabilizing cables, possibly due to the impending wind advisory for much of the Midwest. The track is an integral part of the overall structure and the cables will not be required once everything is bolted into place. They will then be removed.

The lift hill is located right outside the station so the experience should be similar to the quick ascent of Millennium Force, located at Cedar Point. The front of the train will be well above the before the last car exits the platform.

The crane required for lifting the pieces protrudes onto the midway in Rivertown. A platform of gravel and railroad tie sized beams forms a level surface for it without destroying the surface of the midway path. The massive weights on the back prevent the crane from tipping forward.

As the leaves have thinned, the growing structure can be seen from more areas of the park. The “field of footers” has already been landscaped and the grass has already started to grow back. By next spring, this area will be unrecognizable. This view will available from both the train and after riding the Crypt.

The dive into the ravine should provide a dramatic airtime moment for Diamondback riders. The close proximity to the ground will serve to enhance the sensation of speed, even though the coaster will hit 80 mph on the course.

A new thing for Kings Island, this coaster will traverse the midway. The only previous attraction to have done this was when Action Theatre’s and Flight of Fear’s pathways were built under the Racer. Many good vantage spots are available for the out and back trip to the woods. The splashdown pool will also be observable from almost every angle once construction is completed.

Riders on the Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad will also get a close encounter with Diamondback. The train will take a more leisurely pace right under some of the drops.

Keep watching right here for more Diamondback up-dates!


DrewJ said...

I'm so jealous you got to go! I really wanted to go, but circumstances didn't allow for it. I would have really like to go with on the Fall Freak Out. Oh well.

Thank you for the awesome update on Diamondback! I can't wait till it opens next spring!

Scott, how heavy was that piece of track to hold up? They should hire you to help with construction. Then it would be done in just a few weeks! haha