Thursday, October 2, 2008

September Poll Results

In the month of September I wanted to know what ride you guys were looking forward to most for 2009. Now not all rides have been announced, and one on my list may not happen, but it was fun nonetheless. Here's the results.

Diamondback at Kings Island took the poll with little trouble. The impressive looking hyper coaster is sure to be a hit - and the fact that it's already under construction doesn't hurt its popularity.

Manta at Sea World Florida placed 2nd. The themed B&M Flying Coaster should be very popular at its new home, and has received a lot of interested since its announcement. The fact that it's layout remains a mystery doesn't hurt, either.

Prowler at Worlds of Fun came in 3rd, and like I said yesterday I think this one has the potential to be the sleeper hit of '09.

Rockit at Universal Studios Florida ranked 4th, and the two unannounced GCI wooden coasters rounded out the poll. With California's Great America's ride in serious jeopardy at this point, it's not a surprise that it only received 4 votes.

The new poll is up!