Thursday, October 2, 2008

Daily Spin 10.2.08

California's Great America has started a new blog called "Inside Track," the first entry of which features some preview photos of their new Haunt event. The Park's Haunt starts tomorrow and features 13 halloween themed attractions.

Work has continued on Sea World Florida's new B&M Flyer, Manta. Orlando Rocks has new photos that show that the station track is now in place. I wouldn't be surprised if the station building is the next item to go up.

Alton Towers theme park, in the United Kingdom, has announced that their Corkscrew roller coaster will be removed this fall. The Vekoma coaster has been inverting riders since 1980. The park has a special section of their website devoted to the soon to be gone ride.

While across the pond we can check in with Europa Park and find that the first element of the park's mysterious new coaster for 2009 is complete, as seen in photos on this message board. What a unique looking overbank hill! Can't wait for more about this ride to be announced...

Southern Star Amusements, the company that was looking to reopen Six Flags New Orleans, has given up on the project according to both the company and Six Flags. No real details are being revealed about what went wrong, but a lot of speculation about the legitimacy of the plans has always existed.

Here is an article about Six Flags New England's Fright Fest event, and other fall activities taking place at the park. Be warned though, you'll have to pay an extra $15 on top of admission to the park if you want to go in the *2* haunted houses.