Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Voodoo Mega Sale

FYI, Dorney Park currently has all their Voodoo merchandise listed at 65% off. If you ever wanted a Voodoo souvenir (it does have an awesome logo, after all) now is the time!

The real question is, why discount merchandise for a brand new ride? I'll let that alone, but get your souvenir cup or whatever now!


BnM Lover said...

My guess is that Voodoo will be renamed something else. Gotta love Cedar Fair.

DrewJ said...

Why would they rename it? Did they find reasons to believe that the name is a turn off? Are they going to turn around and move it to another park?

Being that I have never gone to Dorney Park, give me a feel for what's going on. You all seam to be hinting at something, but not really hinting enough for others to catch on (the last comment is directed more at NPN).

N/A said...

Apparently Cedar Fair realize Voodoo was trademarked by Six Flags? That is unfortunate since Voodoo was the first 'original' name that ride received. Hopefully they don't revert back to the ever popular Steel Venom.

NewsPlusNotes said...

My post was meant to be a tease! Six Flags does have a trademark for the name Voodoo, and that is sorta important here.