Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Than Meets The Eye

Universal Parks & Resorts has announced that they are working with Hasbro and DreamWorks Studios to create Transformers rides at Universal Studios Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood.

The press release for the attractions is brief as to what type of ride this will be, saying that "The attraction will fuse 3D-HD media, mega special effects and stunning robotics with a ride system that will transform perceptions of theme park experiences."

If you click on the two pieces of concept art I posted here you can see in the much bigger versions that riders are in a vehicle that somewhat resembles the ride system for the Spiderman rides. That's an educated guess on my part, though - no one has officially said what the ride system will be yet.

The release says that Transformers will open at both parks in 2011 - but actually later in the same release says that Universal Studios Singapore's version will open in late 2010. The next Transformers movie is slated to his theaters in late June of 2009.

The new ride will replace the Backdraft attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood.