Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daily Spin 10.15.2008

Cedar Point's official blog has started to tease about a large shipment of wood that the park recently received. Nothing is official yet, but I wouldn't look for a new coaster at the Point next year. Modifications to a current one is more likely it seems.

Carowinds has put up some additional photos of the construction of the Carolina Cobra on their website for the ride. The new photos show the track for the ride being primed in white, and one piece has some of the new coral color on it.

There are new photos of the concept art that is now hanging outside the Blue Sky Cellar at Disney's California Adventure. The preview center for the park's $1.1 billion renovation is scheduled to open early next week. One piece of art that has been posted is a new map of the park circa 2012 or so, it's really awesome.

The T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney in Florida at the Walt Disney World Resort has opened to diners. The Orlando Sentinel's Theme Park Rangers blog has posted some details and a nice photo review of the restaurant. The theming is very detailed and the place looks like a great fit for the Downtown Disney.

This article is in Swedish, but it has a cool photo and announces that Grona Land will add an Intamin ZacSpin for the 2009 season. This will be the third ride of its type in the world. You can see the first two here and then here. This new ride for Grona Land looks larger than the first two, which is also worth noting.

Still not a peep out of Six Flags Magic Mountain about their planned attraction for the 2009 season, but Theme Park Review posted a great update of construction going on at the work site. They are clearing out the land to be poured with concrete as GCI likes to do. Hopefully we'll hear official word on this one soon!