Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Terminator's Official Announcement

Here is the official media release for Six Flags Magic Mountain's new GCI wooden coaster for 2009, Terminator: The Coaster.

And there is a great animation of the ride as well. The first drop is pretty weird-in-a-good-way looking, and the ride is certainly unique to Six Flags Magic Mountain.


juxtyger said...

Terminator the Ride and wood?
it's kind of a weird combination, I mean Terminator is like a monster made out of steel.
Bad choice of name and to me this coaster does not look so impressive.

Chris said...

Looks like a GREAT coaster which will be a winner on many levels. First, it's going to have a lower height requirement than X2 and Tatsu, meaning that they are able to deliver a great new roller coaster that (most of) the family can ride together. Second, tying it into the Terminator franchise is smart as it's a franchise with staying power (it's lead star is the Governor!) Adding the theming elements / on ride "entertainment" should be very interesting. It will be the first wood coaster to have actual on ride theming / a storyline. Impressive layout which looks a billion bimes better than Psyclone was. The flyer trains and GCI built track should keep this ride in the top rankings for a long time. Ghostrider's going to have some serious competition.

DrewJ said...

It looks like a great GCI coaster! I have yet to ride my first GCI, but they look so awesome!
I guess I just don't really get the name. That ride just doesn't yell TERMINATOR! Though this is Six Flags we are talking about, and here recently they have a knack in pulling these things off.
Well, I have one more reason to go west for some fun.