Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sesame Place 2009: Count's Splash Castle

Sesame Place, located in Langhorne, PA, has announced the largest new attraction in the theme park's history for the 2009 season: Count's Splash Castle.

© 2008 Sesame Place, used with permission

As described by the park, "The Count’s Splash Castle will be a multi-level interactive waterplay attraction that will stimulate imagination and provide exciting hands-on entertainment for the entire family to enjoy. The attraction will span over 38,000 square feet and feature over 90 play elements including a 1,000 gallon eight-foot tipping bucket, multiple water slides, valves, levers, water curtains, bridges, hydro blasters, bubbler jets, bongos, hose jets, water wheels and much more."

These interactive family water play structures are always a big hit at parks. They are great for the whole family, and provide parks with a nice high capacity attraction. No doubt that Count's Splash Castle will do the same for Sesame Place.

Robert J. Caruso, executive vice president and general manager of Sesame Place, said that “The Count’s Splash Castle is the biggest attraction in the history of Sesame Place, and we are very proud to add it to our line-up of family-fun experiences at the park.”

Count's Splash Castle, manufactured by SCS Interactive, will be located in the southern part of the park replacing The Count's Fount and Little Bird's Birdbath.

I'm very happy to see Sesame Place adding new attractions in back to back years. This past summer saw the addition of the themed Sunny Day Carousel. After adding 'dry' attractions such at Elmo's World and the Carousel, it's also great to see the park expanding their water park attractions once again.