Friday, October 24, 2008

Daily Spin 10.24.08

Westcoaster has some great new photos of the construction going on at Six Flags Magic Mountain for their new Terminator The Coaster. They are definitely using the 'slab' footer technique for this ride - it looks like the park will have those poured before you know it. Westcoaster also has photos of bents that are already assembled for the ride as well.

ThemeUK's latest photo gallery of Thorpe Park's Saw: The Ride show the coaster's station building growing at a fast rate. With the actual coaster structure already completed, work has been focused on the station area. This building holds the dark ride portion of the coaster, and themed to the Saw movies this area should be quite interesting.

Sesame Place will be holding a special birthday party for Cookie Monster on Sunday November 2nd. Since Cookie Monster really likes healthy veggies nowadays, guests can bring a can of vegetables to the park and receive discounted admission for the day. Best of all, all the food benefits the American Red Cross food programs. Details are on the park's website. has come up with a catchy idea for this election year: vote online for your 'president' of the industry we love, and they've nominated Six Flags Theme Park's Mark Shapiro for the job. Looks like Dick Kinzel will soon be nominated as well. Check out their site for more.

WorldsofFun.Org has a new blog
(on Blogspot, yay!) and their first post chronicles their recent visit to Worlds of Fun to take a construction tour of Prowler. They have some amazing photos, which for me at least gave me more perspective on how the ride 'fits' in that section of the park. It also helps understand the elevation changes that the ride is going to use.

Sea World Orlando's new Manta roller coaster's lift hill was assembled this week. The Orlando Sentinel has some nice photos from a few days ago, but I think the lift is totally done at this point. It looks like a pretty steep lift, but Tastu had a rather steep one as well.