Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Silverwood Theme Park 2007

In a day and age where new theme parks seem to be dropping off the face of the earth faster than they can open their gates, it's refreshing to see a comparatively young park celebrate a milestone anniversary. Silverwood Theme Park did just that in 2007, when it invited guests to join in the celebration of its 20th season of operation.

The fact that Silverwood is located well off the beaten vacationers' path in Athol, Idaho makes its success that much more impressive. While other parks publicly struggle to maintain their respective positions in the industry from one year to the next, this "sleeper" park has quietly persevered and just continues to get better and better.

Silverwood spared no cost in putting an exclamation point on its 20th season, introducing a massive expansion of its already popular Boulder Beach water park. The newly expanded Boulder Beach is certain to be a huge draw for the park for many years to come.

The inclusion of black and white photos alongside their flashier color counterparts gives this brochure a real nostalgic quality. Who cares if the rides featured in those B&Ws are five, ten, or twenty years old as opposed to one hundred? Every ride deserves a rightful place in history, and every enthusiast loves an old school photo, even if the definition of "old" is subject to interpretation!

Don't let this park's location fool you: It hosts just as many special events as its brethren who occupy the more populous areas of our thrill-crazed nation.

I'd like to extend my own retroactive congratulations to Silverwood for reaching the 20-year mark and thus attaining a feat which unfortunately eludes so many parks. Some day I hope to write about Silverwood's 50th anniversary too!

[As a side note, this particular brochure also contained some "bonus" material in the form of FOUR pages of hotel information! While such info does not make for very interesting blogging, it may be useful to those of you who are planning a trip to Silverwood in the near future. I would be happy to send you these goodies if you so desire. Just shoot me an e-mail and say the magic word!]