Monday, October 13, 2008

Thorpe Park 2009 - Saw: The Ride

Thorpe Park has announced that the name and theme of their new coaster for 2009 is Saw: The Ride.

The coaster was previously rumored to be themed to a horror movie, and now the park has released all the details through this super detailed website that you should check out.

The ride starts indoors in a dark section themed to the movie. The outdoor ride portion features a 100 ft. drop at 100 degrees, the steepest drop in the world at 10 degrees past vertical. (Why they do not count Steel Hawg's 120 degrees I do not know) There are also 3 inversions to encounter.

The park also launched a blog that features the ride's press release, photos, and more. From there I learned that the ride's track is actually complete.

Saw: The Ride is scheduled to debut in Spring of 2009.


StellaVista said...

It´s billed as the steepest "freefall" drop. Steel Hawg is braked for a large portion of the drop.
Funnily enough, the UK will get another S&S coaster similar to Steel Hawg in 2009.

Unknown said...

Looks pretty amazing-im heading to Thorpe next year, even got the Hotel in Guilford booked - cannot wait!