Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wild West World to Live Again

Wild West World, the failed theme park in Kansas, has been purchased with the intent to reopen the property later this year.

As Kansas.com is reporting, Murphy Brothers Exposition has singed a $2 million contract to purchase the park. The company operates several carnival rides at fairs held around the state.

The purchase cost, along with $4.2 million to get the rides back open, will be financed through state industrial bonds. The sale closes the end of May, other potential buyers have until May 8th to make a better offer.

It's very nice that this park may actually have another chance at life. As of now I wouldn't break out the champagne just yet, but things are certainly looking up. If the park reopens, and has decent weather perhaps they'll make it work. They didn't really have a fair shot the first time around...