Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Geauga Lake Thoughts

Colliers Int., the company handling the Geauga Lake land sale, has put out a new flyer for the property, and there are some slight differences from the original one.

The time period for submitting bids has been extended to May 23rd, instead of the end of this month as previously announced. To me, that means they haven't had much in the way of bidding going on.

If you look at the image above, the left map is from the original brochure. The right, is from the current one. You can see that they flushed out the area of land that is not for sale, now including all the way up to Raging Wolf Bobs, and extending the area to include the rest of the former Sea World property at the other end.

Perhaps this is just a clarification, or perhaps Cedar Fair decided to keep more land ... I'm not sure which. You can find links to the pdf. files that these images come from through this link.

Also, Norton Auctioneers has listed Geauga Lake as a location for one of their auctions in June. That means that anything left at the site will be for sale by auction, not just rides but objects for scrap and really anything laying around that's worth anything - at least that's how it's gone at other closed parks, such as AstroWorld.

Sad situation, I wish some sort of news would break about the wooden coasters for sale, at least Big Dipper. More waiting I suppose...