Friday, March 7, 2008

2 Dark Knight Items

© Tim McCarthy / Asbury Park Press 2008

First up, the Asbury Park Press has a neat article about Six Flags Great Adventure's Dark Knight coaster. These rides have really be scoring a lot of press lately, which means many kudos to Six Flags in general for getting the word about their new rides out there.

As seen in the above photo, Great Adventure's version is now being walled in - still no sign of the ride's track going up though. The article mentions a May opening.

Next, we have Six Flags New England's troubled version of the ride. Construction has been stopped on this one as we know due to the park not having the proper permits to be building the ride.

Well now to add insult to injury two owners of a property near the park have filed an appeal against the height permit the park was granted for the ride's structure. They appeal claims "the structure is not appropriate for the location and would adversely affect traffic, safety and property values in the neighborhood."

This is crazy. They're building a 70 ft. tall structure is someone is trying to make that claim? That's nuts in my opinion. The ride is located in the lower part of the park by the river, and on top of that it's only 70 feet!

The worst part is that now this may or may not hold the park from starting back up construction for a longer period of time. What a bummer!


Ryan said...

Thats crap. I have a really good friend that lives directly across the street from Michigan's Adventure, and he doesn't complain. Sure the parks lights are on til late hours but that's what blinds are for, right? I don't get this whole "oh that new ride is going to make the area look awful and lower land value". In the case of most amusement towns, I didn't say all, the park is a major contributor to money in the town. Just look at Cedar Point prior to Kalihari, there was nothing here in Sandusky. If new rides and attractions don't go into the parks then the incoming money to the town will decrease and then the town will complain about it, and probably again blame the park for not bringing in the people. Not every park is blessed by being next to nothing or being built on a peninsula. So the bottom line is, if you don't want to live next to an amusement park, don't. It's not like amusement parks just pop out of no where, besides Hard Rock. These parks have been around for years and years and stuff has built around them. Just quit your whining and live with it.