Friday, March 28, 2008

Cedar Fair 2007 Annual Report

The 2007 Annual Report for Cedar Fair Entertainment Company is now available for download from their official website. I like the design this year, I much prefer it over last year's report.

There isn't anything super amazing in there at first glance, though I haven't read the whole thing yet. There is a new Behemoth logo:

... which has some weird monster behind it. That guy really reminds me of a monster you'd see in Where the Wild Things Are. Did you know they're making that book into a Movie next year? What isn't being made into a movie these days though...

Back on track, the report does feature all the parks and other stuff Cedar Fair has to do with, like licensed properties. They even have a little blurb about the Hanna Barbara characters so I guess they're not ditching them too soon.