Saturday, March 8, 2008

Voodoo 3.7.08 Update

Here are some photos taken yesterday, the 7th of March. This past week vertical construction started on the twist tower.

Progress has been made on the station area as well. The bigger version of this photos (click it) shows a lot of details. The station roof is going on, and you can actually see into the station in this photo.

Here's a closer pic of the twist tower. The track for the tower is laying on the ground ready to go up. You can see the final piece with the 'stopper' on it laying there.

A view from the entrance road. I hope cars don't get distracted when they enter the park this year!

This looks like a great job to me!

Hope you enjoyed the photos.


Ryan said...

That view from the entrance is amazing. That is an amazing place for that ride. I will be looking forward to heading over to Allentown this summer to visit Dorney again.

NewsPlusNotes said...

So true! It really will be something to be driving in the entrance road and have the ride launch at the same time!

dwitos079 said...

Yeah, it should be illegal for being too distracting on like dorney wasn't distracting enough.