Friday, March 14, 2008

2007 Worldwide Park Attendance Report

The 2007 TEA/ERA Amusement/Theme Park Attendance Report is now available to be downloaded from the TEA's website. Here is a direct link to the .pdf.

When Amusement Business closed down shop a couple years ago TEA and the ERA picked up the slack when it came to reporting annual park attendance figures. Last year was the first publication, and I must say the report feels more comprehensive in its 2nd year.

I always scan past the Disney/Universal/Busch parks when looking at the North America section. Largely, they hover in the same area and are always at the top. I'm not against that, but seeing if the Disney Parks are at the top of the list is like checking to make sure Google is the most popular search site each day.

Anyway ... the first park then noticed is Knott's Berry Farm at #13 in North America. Then, almost directly after (BGW messes it up) we have Canada's Wonderland, Cedar Point, and Kings Island. Hershey Park came in at #18 at just under 3 million visitors this past seasn. That's really an amazing level of growth over the past decade. Two Six Flags Parks, Great Adventure and Great America, round out the top 20.

For statistical fun, the Magic Kingdom in Florida is the most visited park in the world, and with just over 17 million visitors this past year that averages around 46,500 people per day. Anyone with any regional park experience know that that is a fairly blockbuster day for most parks!

Check out the report and you can draw fun conclusions like that for yourself!