Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kings Island 2009 Work Started?

Thanks to a reader for making me aware of this - it looks like Kings Island has already started work for their rumored 2009 B&M hyper coaster.

As seen in the photos in this gallery, it looks like a lot of land moving type work has already started in the area of the pond in the above aerial photo. The pictures aren't super quality, but you can make out plenty of land markers that give away the location of the work.

For instance, in one pic you can see that it was taken from the seats of the outdoor arena in the very bottom of the above aerial - also the Ital...err the Backlot Stunt Coaster is visible in one pic as well. I'm no construction expert, but to me it looks like they are removing the pond from existence.

The land looks like it's being flattened out, and in one shot you can see that there are parts for underground water/sewage lines - those big concrete things they put under there - laying around the site. I don't know if this pond was man-made or not, but if it was fed by a stream or something that network of underground piping would take care of that. That's what they did with the small stream that ran through Dorney's lower section back in 2000.

Once they would have this land flattened and ready to go - it'd certainly make a perfect location for a coaster station, queue, etc. I'm sure there will be plenty to see in this area of the park all summer long.