Sunday, March 30, 2008

Depressing AstroWorld Comparison

I was (again) playing with Windows Live Local today and noticed that if you 'approach' the site of Six Flags AstroWorld from certain directions you can now get a view of the fully bulldozed site. Here's a comparison shot:

That stinks, eh? How long till we can do this with Geauga Lake?


Unknown said...

This is such a shame. I am 26 and I grew up in the Houston area. I remember going here almost everyday some summers. I still have alot of great memories of Astro World. Its going to be very missed and I hope that those pics of the high rise condos I saw on the web do not go up in its place. Our city is a big city. We need our amusement park back.

Coming back home,
Dickinson Tx