Saturday, March 15, 2008

Voodoo 3.15.08 Update

Voodoo is done! It was finished at the end of this past week.

I had to use my 'bad camera' today so I sorta hate these pictures - but here's one that shows off the complete Voodoo coaster.

Similar photo, taken from lower than the previous one.

A nice shot of how the ride fits in with the park's other towering rides. It stands out, a lot - a whole lot. When you are driving on 222 past the park it's like BAM there it is. I was sitting at a traffic light across from the park and the peeps in the cars on both sides of me were pointing at it!

Taken from outside the park's entrance road.

I know this isn't a great shot (p.o.s. camera) but from far away you can see Dominator, Talon, Steel Force, and now Voodoo's towers sticking up out of the valley the park is in.

My favorite 'pic of the litter' today - I know that Laser looks colorful in some of these photos, but that's because I played with the photos cause they turned out so poor. There's no new paint on it yet that I can tell.

I can't wait until May 3rd!