Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Busch Gardens Europe Expansion?

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The Daily Press ran an article today about an expansion to Busch Gardens Europe that the park has submitted to local authorities for approval.

The plans are vague at this point, and only really say that they want to build 5 buildings and "various guest attractions and theming." The one and a half acre area is to the left of the main entrance, between Escape from Pompeii and the Skyride entrance in England.

The article brings up the important fact that Busch Entertainment did say that they want to expand the use of Sesame Street characters into all their parks. So perhaps this is what the expansion will be?

If not that then I'd expect something similar to Jungala at Busch Gardens Africa - at least in concept. I mean, a new area of the park that features things for the whole family to do, not just one big ride that appeals to a specific demographic. The Busch Gardens parks do tend to follow each other with their expansions...

As always, time will tell! At least we know an expansion is coming.


Steven Altis said...

I love Sesame Street, but that would be a jarring clash of themes with the rest of the park... I'm hoping for a Jungala type thing, instead. Europarty?