Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knott's Pony Express is Done

© vekoma6382/CoasterRealmNetwork 2008

In the Coaster Realm boards user vekoma6382 posted some new photos of Knott's Berry Farm's new Pony Express coaster - and the track is already complete!

Just last week there appeared to be a lot left to do at the Coaster Solace event, and now it's already finished. The ride looks pretty fun! It's a very simple elongated figure 8 layout, but it looks like there is potential for some nice airtime and some good twists and turns as well.

Also, it was said at the Solace event that the ride will have a tunnel! I noticed some extra supports by the track in the pictures - in the area before the final turn-around - perhaps they are for the tunnel?

Head over there and check it out!