Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dubai is So Hot Right Now...

Right on the heels of Busch Entertainment's huge announcement of their Worlds of Discovery Dubai project Six Flags has announced a "Strategic Alliance" with Tatweer to bring Six Flags parks to the "Arab World" as well.

The first development is Six Flags Dubailand, though the park's opening would be aimed for 2015 or so. It seems that Six Flags will really only oversee the park's concept and master plan, and not really own the property. The park is described as thrill-based, and will feature many of the licensed properties the company uses, like Tony Hawk, in the U.S. parks.

Mr. Shapiro says that "Through this partnership with Tatweer, we now have the opportunity to create a world-class theme park destination that will allow guests from around the globe to experience Six Flags' unique combination of thrills and entertainment."

So now we have Busch's project, Universal's park, a Dreamworks park, a Marvel park, a Paramount licensed park, and I'm probably forgetting one in the Dubai area development. This is crazy! While I do hope they all come into reality, I have my doubts. I'll happily be wrong, though!