Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hard Rock Park Sneak Peeks

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Yesterday started some in-park sneak peeks of the new Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach. The entrance area and shops are open to visitors on a daily basis now. For $20 visitors can take a VIP tour of two of the park's areas, both of which are still under construction. If people like what they see, most of that $20 fee can go toward a season pass.

If you go to this article from Myrtle Beach Online you can view a whole slideshow photo gallery of shots from inside the park. It looks pretty great!

© MyrtleBeachOnline 2008

^ From the concept art I never fully understood what that 'growth' was on the building for Midnight Rider - now I know that it's giant scary tree hands! Cool!

Full park preview 'soft opening' days start about a month from now!