Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dorney Park Hosts Inaugural Bands, Brews, & BBQs + Mini Haunt Update

One of Dorney Park's seasonal special events for 2016 is the brand new Bands, Brews, & BBQs festival.  A mix of live bands, craft beers and special BBQ food offerings, the celebration is running at the park from July 1st through the 17th. 

Dorney Park successfully opened the Smokehouse Barbecue location in the park last year, setting the ground work for an event like this.  The public likes BBQ!

The Bands, Brews, & BBQs event features "mouthwatering BBQ recipes prepared by Dorney’s Executive Chef Malo Jones,"  along with a selection (seen above) of craft beers from around the local region.  The event uses separate tickets than can be purchased along with a souvenir mug.  Each item offered requires a different amount of tickets, so guests can mix and match as they go.

There's a wide selection of BBQ treats available to try, offered via three different food stands: Beef, Chicken and Pork.  Makes it pretty simple to understand, and each stand features several different choices.  Options include a Pork Slider, BBQ Ribs, Pulled Chicken Taco, Chicken Nachos and BBQ Beef Brisket.  There's even a few dessert options, including Caramel Drizzled Apple Pie.

While visitors enjoy all the different food and beverage options, the festival rounds things out with live bands performing on a stage in the middle of the area.  The bands offer covers of popular songs that make the area a great place to rest a while and relax.  Plus, you can watch Possessed launch by while you sit - even better!

To learn more about Bands, Brews, & BBQs check out the official website from Dorney Park.

While at the park to check out the festival I also notice two Haunt related items as well.  We already saw that the Asylum had been repainted in new colors, but now the actual Asylum sign is missing.  Could it be getting an upgrade too or perhaps this Haunt will feature an all new name this fall?  Time will tell.

Finally, facade work has begun on the former Desolation building!  I have to say that it appears as though the park is starting to make a two-story structure, with a balcony, which matches the drawing we saw a while back in a clue from the park.  I wonder if the park will have the queue and exit for the house back on this side, like they did when it was Club Blood.  Can't wait to see more of the structure go up in the coming weeks!