Friday, July 22, 2016

Play Along with Carowinds as they Tease the Park's 2017 Expansion

Another expansion teaser campaign kicked off this week, this time around we have a fairly elaborate story coming out of Carowinds that will lead to their 2017 announcement on August 18th.  The theme park is acknowledging that some news leaked earlier in the year about some classic flat rides that were said to be headed to the park, but poses the question as to whether the news was 100% accurate and if there's more to the story.

For the teaser campaign the park has focused in on their Mayor, Earnest Lee Higginbotham, and his quest to be elected into office again for another 4 year term.  The Mayor has nabbed the help of his 3 friends to create a news hotline that you can call and hear about their plans.  The Higginbotham Hotline number (seen in the image above) lets you hear the Mayor's side of things, but his friends also offer their thoughts and "subtle clues" are embedded in all four recordings.

The park is urging fans to spread the word on social media using #VoteFourMore up until the announcement.  More clues will come with new recordings on the phone line, and guests of the park can unlock hints while on property via the park's app.

I've noticed that the number 4 is used quite a bit in all this, four more years in office, a total of four people doing recordings, and even the hashtag could have a double meaning of four more rides... perhaps.  Could just be a distraction - either way call the line and see what clues you can pick up on!