Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cedar Fair Testing the Waters for All Season Fast Lane Plus

Fast Lane and Fast Lane Plus have become a popular staple item for many who visit Cedar Fair's parks - I know it was for me during a recent Cedar Point trip - and now it appears as though the company is testing an all season version of the pass.

The first park that I can see that is offering season long Fast Lane Plus is Dorney Park, where it is currently selling for $99.  Dorney Park offers Fast Lane Plus, where you can skip most of the wait for an attraction, at 20 rides and 5 popular water attractions in Wildwater Kingdom.  The new add-on gives each season pass holders a single Fast Lane Plus wrist band each time they visit this year.  I don't see it listed on the website, but I'm going to assume that this will not work for Haunt attractions, since that's known as Fright Lane during that season.

Granted you may not associate Dorney Park's rides with long lines, but remember that this would get visitors past the long lines in the water park every time they go.  That means that families that visit often and spend the day at the water park wouldn't have to partake in most of the waterslide lines.

We've seen Cedar Fair test many new ideas at a single park before rolling it out across the system, so if this is a hit and it spreads next year, would you purchase it?


Justin said...

No cause I don't live near any Cedar Fair parks. Maybe if they offered a version for all Cedar Fair parks?