Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hersheypark 'Dropping' New Hints for 2017 Attraction

The first "official" clue about Hersheypark's 2017 attraction was released on social media this past week, a short video that says they are "unwrapping" their newest ride.  The video shows plenty of Hershey candies being unwrapped... but not much else.  Other than serving as an opening to the series of weekly clues, I'm not seeing much noteworthy here.

However, the first clue also coincides with a new website for the 2017 teasers with a bit more of a clue.  That site features this phrase: "Chocolate covers every side."

© Hersheypark
In our initial post about the new teasers I mentioned that perhaps we're going to finally see a drop ride at the park, and now I'm thinking I was on to something.  Firstly, there's one ride at the park that already has chocolate covering all sides, and that is the park's Kissing Tower.  Here's the description for the observation tower from the park's website:

The tower already has Hershey's Kisses surrounding the ride cabin and also at the top for decoration (reference above image).  How's that for chocolate on all sides?

Now I can't put my finger on where the rumor started, but I believe some years ago it fluttered around online that the park might try to retire the observation aspect of the Kissing Tower and make it into a free fall.  Well, not only would that conversion make height restrictions pretty simple, since the 250 foot tall tower already exists, but I would imagine that it would offer a financial benefit to the park, too.

© Hersheypark
Next piece of the puzzle - the above screen shot is of the contest entry section of the 2017 teaser website.  Is it just a coincidence that the background image is a view from way high up above the clouds?  Probably not.

Finally, Screamscape shared a detail about the press invitation to the ride announcement, which is called "Thrill on the Hill."  If you look close at Hersheypark's website for the Kissing Tower, it specifically says the ride is located in the "Kissing Tower Hill" park region.  Seems to be another connection.

We have at least three more clues before the announcement, which will take place on August 2nd at 11 am.  Hang tight!


Unknown said...

I really hope they don't change the Kissing Tower. It gives good views and single riders can ride it. The ferris wheel also gives good views, but single riders can't ride it.

Unknown said...

I don't think Kissing Tower has anything to do with this, the hill could mean the hill overlooking Storm Runner where the Flying Falcon stands. Plus the second clue showed the Kisses forming a shape that looks just like the falcon in the air before changing into a large kiss. The new ride is going where Flying Falcon is and the Kissing Tower will be an observation tower for a long time.