Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Large Family Suspended Coaster Opening at Djurs Sommerland in 2017

Denmark's Djurs Sommerland is already home to an impressive lineup of roller coasters, and has just announced that it will be joined by a new ride again in 2017.  The park has grown steadily over the last decade or so, building major new rides and roller coasters that even some of the industry's largest players must be jealous of.

What really put them on the map for coaster fans was Piraten, one of Intamin's coveted Mega-Lite designs.  They've also added a family launched coaster (Juvelen) also from Intamin, along with a Mack water coaster and Gerstlauer bobsled ride.

Now the park will add a suspended family roller coaster for the 2017 season, though a manufacturer has not yet been named for it.  Well, actually, the ride hasn't been named yet either, but the above announcement video gives a solid look at the layout and features.

For a family coaster, the new attraction is pretty large: around 98 feet tall, 2,700 feet long with a top speed of 53 miles per hour.  That certainly puts it at the far end of the family ride spectrum in my book!

The video shows a curving first drop into a tunnel, and a second tunnel later in the ride where the train will also interact with some rockwork landscaping.  Oh and there's an awful lot of fire in the preview too, so let's hope that translates into it being a part of the experience!  We will keep watch for more details on this one as they are released.


Dave said...

This looks like it could be a new S&S coaster.