Friday, July 29, 2016

Scott And Carol Present - Kings Island Announces Mystic Timbers!

Finally, time to get the scoop on Project2017! The addition of Mystic Timbers gives Kings Island 16 roller coasters, and the addition of 3,265 more feet of wooden roller coaster track gives Kings Island the most of that type of any park worldwide. Coaster enthusiasts, especially ones partial to wooden coasters, will definitely be walking to Rivertown in 2017.

There has been lots of speculation concerning the changes Kings Island has started for Project2017. This view from the Eiffel Tower shows the timber being clearcut, with some tantalizing clues posted on the fence.


Reinforcing the railbed next to the overflow pond required some heavy equipment, which excited many youngsters riding the train.  Based on their appearance, sadly they will be too short to ride Mystic Timbers next summer since it will have a projected 48-inch height requirement at this time.

You can see the clearing crew providing the landscaping department with  lots of mulch for future use. I wonder where they are going to store all of it?

Kings Island made the announcement event as inclusive as possible, here an interpreter translates the conversation to sign language for the deaf and hard of hearing.  Kudos to the park for this extra effort.

Here is the ride layout, without the trees and pond. It sure looks like it can go 53 miles per hour! Look at all those airtime hills, some of them have to mix directional changes in with the feeling of weightlessness. The lift hill will rise 109 above the ground in the trees.

Kings Island invited all their guests to the announcement, and you could taste the enthusiasm in the air. When the fireworks ran long, the crowd booed; who really boos fireworks anyways?


Don Helbig, of Kings Island, emceed the festivities from the elevated stage that gave everyone a clear view and they also projected some renderings along with the Mystic Timbers POV on the side of the building that used to house Tomb Raider. It is now used for an outstanding haunted attraction during the haunt. 

The snacks were appropriately themed for the scary woods overwhelming civilization. Note the 57 pickup truck that is spotlighted.

On our trip to Disneyland last summer we encountered Greg doing "Product Research," here with the  Director of Ride Operations from California's Great America.

Greg Scheid, Vice President, and General Manager shares his thoughts.

This is the new pathway to Whitewater Canyon, because even when you are putting in a new ride, you have to make sure you can still get to the  existing rides. It offers some new views of Diamondback and also parallels part of the construction area.

These are what that excavator  was putting in next to the pond. It appears that have plenty more to go before the next phase.

And we think it will be for these bridges for Mystic Timbers. The water probably won't have that beautiful shade of blue, since it is mainly standing.

Adam grew up close to Kings Island, so in the summer of 2017 get will attend his high school reunion and tell his classmates that he helped design the newest roller coaster at Kings Island. That will have to make him "THE" dude at the gathering. How cool is that?

Nobody would answer that question, as Don Helbig and the Public Relations department intend to have lots of fun doling out clues to the mystery.

If you can't wait to see more,  Here is the link  to what Kings Island has released last night. Night rides on Mystic Timbers should be epic, and it will be fun to experience the changing of the seasons on this wild romp in the woods.