Friday, July 1, 2016

Phantasialand Opens Two New Coasters in Impressive "Klugheim" Themed Area

© Phantasialand
Germany's Phantasialand has opened two brand new roller coasters in a park expansion named Klugheim, part of the Mystery section of the theme park.  The star of the expansion is Taron, an explosive Intamin launch coaster that features stunning theming both above and below the ride.  Park fans have been carefully watching the progress of Taron for over a year now, waiting for their chance to ride.  The park kept much of the expansion's details a secret, waiting many months to reveal that the area would also feature a second new coaster, a family ride named Raik (a Vekoma Family Boomerang design).

Astounding theming aside, Taron has the attention of fans because it features two separate launches during the ride, and a track layout that's so twisted it seems nearly impossible to follow.  Between quick banked curves, tunnels and twisting directional changes, Taron looks to keep riders guessing what is coming next until the final brakes.

If you're ready to take a spin, check out this newly released point of view video of Taron: