Friday, April 1, 2016

Dorney Park's Thunderhawk TLC Continues + A 2016 Haunt Hint?

© Dorney Park / M. Fehnel
Dorney Park has continued work on the major refurbishment of the park's oldest roller coaster, Thunderhawk, throughout this mild winter.  Dating back to 1924, the wooden coaster is now looking pretty spiffy for the ripe old age of 92.

The park's General Manager has been sharing photos of the ride's progress over the past few months, and recently revealed some views of the total repaint that is underway.  The official color of the ride is Banana Cream, meaning it will still have the yellow hue that the ride is known for.

© Dorney Park / M. Fehnel
These photos make it pretty evident, but the park has completed painting the ride's lift and first drop.  Set against a clear blue sky (and the red of Steel Force's track), the new paint really pops.  The park also promises to feature new running lights along the coaster's hills to make it even more beautiful after dark.

© Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters
Along with the new paint and other general maintenance, Dorney Park has also purchased two new trains from Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters.  The famous train manufacturers have been keeping us updated on their progress, and recently featured the above photo of one of the completed trains!  They look great - the front piece with open-air design and custom name sign came out wonderfully.

© Dorney Park / M. Fehnel
One other interesting item to bring up.  The park's General Manager also shared a photo of some signs that they are working on that cover Thunderhawk's long history, which is a great idea if you ask me.

But if you stop looking at the signs and pay attention to the background, you may notice something else:

This is, of course, zoomed in so a bit blurry - but there's very clearly a bit of a hint for a new Halloween Haunt attraction hidden in plain sight!  Labeled "Haunted House A" and noted to be for Haunt '16, there appear to be designs for an elaborate facade including a balcony (on the right) and a two story structure (on the left).  The designs are hard to totally get a feel for, but they almost give a bit of a New Orleans type of feel to me.  Perhaps we will get more hints as time passes, oh and maybe there is a "Haunted House B?"