Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kings Island's Big 2017 Reveal to Take Place Next Week

Kings Island has spent most of the summer teasing about its 2017 capital expansion, expected to be a large new ride, and now we know that we do not have to wait much longer to hear the details.  The park will announce the new ride on July 28th at 10:00 pm, and visitors that day will be able to stay and hear the good news at the park.  The nightime announcement remindes me of what the park did for Banshee a few years back, another clue that this is a pretty substantial addition.

The above teaser for the announcement was posted on social media, keeping up with the hints that have been centered on the woods adjacent to the Rivertown area.

Kings Island's homepage features this image along with a countdown clock - only 8 days left as of this writing! - and this one takes us in a bit of a different direction, stating that "nature is taking over."  I would have guessed some sort of animal theme up until this, and honestly this one could still fit with an animal but all the roots in the photo make me there there's more to it.  I love a mystery!

Kings Island Central put this image up on Twitter, looks like the media invite that was sent out for the announcement.  This one is closer to the fallen tree clues seen earlier; a classic truck with some timber in the back of it.  The actual invite also features an obvious timber theme on its background.  The old-time looking truck does seem out of place, though, so who knows.

Stay tuned!