Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beech Bend Park Opens Giant Proslide Designed Slide Tower in Splash Lagoon

Located in Kentucky, Beech Bend Park and its Splash Lagoon water park has opened its exciting 2016 addition, a large Proslide-designed slide tower featuring four different experiences for riders.  The addition of the slides represents an investment in the park that cost millions of dollars, adding much innovation and capacity to Splash Lagoon.

© Beech Bend / Splash Lagoon
This photo from the park shows the splash area for all four slides.  One of the slides, the Cyclone Saucers, is touted by the park as the first of its kind to open in North America.  That slide (in green) features tight enclosed turns that riders, in individual tubes, navigate through.  The enclosed sections open up into giant open-air "saucer" sections that features equally tight turns that sliders whiz through.

© Trevor George via Vimeo
Here's a nice aerial look at the overall slide tower.  The other slides (Riptide, Tidal Wave, and Polynesian Plunge) all offer different experiences.  One of them is a traditional bowl slide, another features Proslide's popular "Tantrum" mini-tornado elements, and finally the third a massive wave wall that riders slide up after a large drop.  This view comes from neat drone footage featured on the park's website.

The brightly colored addition came online just as the hottest part of the summer kicked in, perfect timing for the park!  Also new this season is Spinning Out, a family sized roller coaster with spinning trains.